Reasons to book your stay in HOTEL MONTERREY ROSES

Roses, on the Costa Brava, is the perfect place to take a boat trip and admire the beautiful scenery. Stop at a beautiful cove for a swim, go snorkelling to admire the seabed or enjoy a delicious meal prepared on board. Step aboard and visit the best places in Roses in a different way!

Where to book a boat in Roses

Els Blaus de Roses is a company that offers boat trips and water sports for all those who want to enjoy different activities on the Costa Brava. On their modern catamarans you can discover the natural parks of Cap de Creus and the Medes Islands, with departures from Roses and Cadaqués. You can book online or go to one of the following ticket offices:

-Roses Espigones: Av. de Rhode, 139. Passeig Marítim de Roses. This office is about twenty-five minutes’ walk from the hotel along the seafront promenade.

-Roses centro: C/ Sant Elm, 5. This office is very close to Roses Espigones, also twenty-five minutes’ walk from the hotel along the seafront promenade. 

-Santa Margarita: Av. de la Bocana, S/N Passeig Marítim de Roses. This office is less than ten minutes’ walk from the hotel. 

Restless Spirit Sailing Yacht is another of the most popular companies in Roses for boat trips. Chartering a sailing boat for a day with this company is a great option if you want to take a more exclusive trip around the Mediterranean and the Costa Brava. Restless Spirit has an experienced crew for a safe trip and offers an onboard chef service, with experts in Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine.

They are the ideal option if you want a personalised trip, as they will adapt the tour depending on whether you are looking for a more sporting, cultural or gastronomic experience, or a combination of the three. 


Excursions by boat in and around Roses

⭐ Boat trip to Cadaqués

Depart from Roses and sail along the coast of the Cap de Creus Natural Park to Cadaqués. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and stop off in this picturesque fishing village, which stands out for its uniqueness and authenticity. In fact, Cadaqués is considered by many to be the pearl of the Costa Brava. Make the most of it, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters and visit the Salvador Dalí Museum if you are a fan of his art.

⭐ Catamaran trip to Cap Norfeu – Jòncols  

Enjoy the views of the Bay of Roses on this catamaran excursion. The route takes you past the beautiful coves of the Cap de Creus Natural Park, Punta Falconera and allows you to enjoy a wonderful underwater view of the seabed in Cala Murtra.

The tour continues through the coves until you reach Cala Montjoi, where you can see the famous restaurant El Bulli by chef Ferran Adrià. Then you will arrive at Cap Norfeu, where you can see the impressive rock called “El Gato” (“the cat”, which owes its name to its shape) and, if the weather permits, you can enter Tamariu cave, before continuing the route towards the bay of Cala Jóncols.

⭐ Boat trip to Cap de Creus – Port Lligat – Cadaqués

Enjoy the breathtaking views of Cap de Creus, Port Lligat and Cadaqués from the water on a boat trip along the rugged Costa Brava. You will see rocky hills that are inaccessible by road and stop at the picturesque village of Cadaqués, where the famous artist Salvador Dalí lived and worked. This is a spectacular option that guarantees views of the most unspoilt parts of the Costa Brava.

Recommendations for boat trips

Here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of your boat trip and enjoy the experience to the full. You can spend the whole day at sea and return to the hotel without worrying about where to have dinner, as you we have different dining options for you.

We will assume that you’re not going to be sailing the boat yourself, but that you’re going on an excursion or hiring a boat with a crew. With that in mind, here are a few tips:

– Wear comfortable clothes.

– The company will usually have a first aid kit on board, but it’s a good idea to take some first aid essentials with you. 

– Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged before boarding. If you plan to take photos or videos, we also recommend that you take a power bank with you, so that you can charge your phone if necessary.

Protect yourself with plenty of sunscreen, a hat or cap and sunglasses. The reflection of the sun on the sea makes it easier to get sunburnt.

Don’t get off the boat unless the crew say it’s safe to do so. If you are walking near the ends of the boat, hold on to avoid falling into the water and, if the crew tell you to, wear a life jacket.

– If you want to get in the water on the stops, we recommend that you take snorkelling equipment. The waters around Roses are so clear that it will be a unique experience!

If you or a friend has sailing experience and you would like to hire a boat, here are some tips for you:

Do not take more passengers on board than is permitted. This is essential for safety reasons, as in the event of an accident, it could prevent the ship from sinking or capsizing.

Always carry a well-equipped first aid kit on board.

– Be very careful and thorough when planning your route and stops. Don’t take any risks.

Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum or avoid it altogether, both for yourself and your fellow passengers. This will help to avoid unnecessary dangerous situations.

Check the weather forecast carefully before setting off.

– If you are not used to sailing or do not have much experience, it is better not to take the risk and hire someone who knows how to handle the boat correctly.