Safety+ Charter

The safety of our customers and employees is our priority. Our safety experts and the health authorities have worked to implement all reinforced hygiene and protection measures to ensure your safety.
Our Safety + Charter is certified by HS Consulting, an international company dedicated to health and hygiene consulting in the tourism sector, with more than 400 hotel companies with recognized prestige and presence in Spain, Andorra, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, United Kingdom and Belgium, and with two certified laboratories, in Spain and Dominican Republic.

By decision of the authorities, we remind you that people aged six years and older must wear a mask in public areas or indoor spaces made for public use or which is open to the public, regardless of physical safety distance.

Pierre & Vacances is committed through this Safety + Charter to : 
1 – Comply with the recommendations of the health authorities of each country.
2 – Communicate to our clients the measures that have been put in place to deal with the risks of transmission of Covid-19.
3 – Establish a continuous training plan for our employees in all the preventive measures established in the framework of the Safety + Charter and provide them with the equipment necessary for personal protection.
4 – Guarantee the social distance established at all times with signs in the areas where it is necessary; controlling the capacity, establishing flows and taking personalised measures in each case.
5 – Provide to customers and staff, disinfectant gel stations in circulation areas of all common areas, as well as establish and implement reinforced and specific instructions for access and health security for the common areas of the establishments.
6 – Reinforce cleaning and disinfection plans in all areas: accommodation, common areas and surfaces with greater contact (e.g. lift panels, door handles, payment terminals, etc.) using approved and authorised cleaning, disinfection and virucidal products, in accordance with the current standard EN 14 476 indicated against Covid-19.
7 – Reinforce the cleaning and verification of all ventilation systems.
8 – Continue with the cleaning and disinfection plans in the accommodations, according to the recommendations of the health authorities; ensuring ventilation and washing of textils at temperatures always between 60 and 90 ºC.
9 – Continue with the cleaning and disinfection of all the elements of the accommodation such as dishes (plates, cutlery, glasses and cups) with disinfectant solutions and in washing trains at more than 82ºC, following the recommendations of the health authorities, before the accommodation is available.
10 – Increase the frequency of disinfection of all points of major contact with disinfectants authorized in the national registry of biocides. 
11 – Ensure and respect a risk management protocol in case of suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19.
12 – Expand the range of food in individual, closed and aseptic format making our gastronomic offer 100% safe, ussing the assited buffet, when required to avoid the risk of unnecessary manipulation by our customers.